Sandica Cannabis Club Torrevieja.

A place for members to enjoy high-grade quality cannabis!


Sandica is a newly founded Cannabis club in Torrevieja. Our goal is to provide our members with high-quality marihuana. In order to meet this goal, we cultivate our own plants for our members. By self-cultivating our marihuana we can guarantee a high standard. More important is the fact that we can keep the product free from malicious chemicals. The (illegal) growing industry uses chemicals in their products, which eventually harm the customers.

Sandica is a cannabis club in Torrevieja where members can relax, conversate and socialize. There are multiple entertainment possibilities, like a PlayStation 4 and a billiard. Our members are all over 18!

For more information about membership, you can contact us with all your questions, or apply immediately for a membership through the button below!